Frozen Rainbow 4 -- 12 x 12 inches - acr

Frozen Rainbow

Online Exhibition of Shan Re's abstract paintings produced during the Covid lockdown of 2021

A Rainbow is one of the most beautiful artistic creations of nature. It’s a perfect metaphor for life. A rainbow is a sign of hope and new beginnings. Rainbows can motivate us to continue and endure through dark times.

Our emotions colour our lives with changing palettes. Sometimes we feel a strong emotion in reaction to something that has happened, but emotions also show up out of the blue, flooding us unexpectedly with joy or grief or melancholy. 

With all the crisis in the world today, maintaining a positive and hopeful outlook can be challenging. It is during the times of darkness that we need to switch on our internal light of rainbow that reminds us of endless possibilities in this uncertain journey. 

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