Poetry in


My creative energy flows from my psychic depths untouched by logical mind. POETRY IN GOLD is one of my abstract series in which I tried to explore various philosophical connotations of the Colour Gold.

The colour gold is a symbol for inner transformation. It is a step-by-step evolution to overcome your inner blocks. Gold is the Colour of wisdom and spirituality. It also heals your body. Colour and Textures are the most significant features in my work.

I turned to heavy textures intuitively as they reflect my strong and resilient personality, my psyche and the depth and intensity of my emotions.

Available Works (click to enlarge)
Poetry in Gold 80 - 36 x 48 inches
Potry in Gold 68 - 24x24 inches
Poetry in Gold 73 - 36 x 48 inches
Poetry in Gold 37-- 36 x 48 - 2 panels .
LR Poetry in gold 39
Poetry in Gold 60 - 48 x 48 inches
Poetry in Gold 36 -- 24 x 54
LR Poetry in Gold 30 - 36 x 36 inches -
Poetry in gold 41 -42x42 inches
LR PinG 40 - 48 x 36 inches

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