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Artist Profile

Shan Re is a multidisciplinary contemporary Indian artist who has explored infinite dimensions within herself and created her own artistic vocabulary. She constantly strives to explore and expand her boundaries and horizons to understand life from the best perspective. The intensity and frequency of her creative output is enormous.

Intuitively moving between mediums Shan has continuously evolved, experimented and explored a wide array of subjects and genres in several group and solo shows in India and abroad. Shan’s art practice involves various disciplines from drawing, painting, poetry, sculpture and installations. Her works are in prominent public and private collections. Shan lives and works in Bangalore.

Shan’s paintings are a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and emotions recollected in tranquility. Shan looks within a world of emotional and psychological states rather than without to a fluid world of fleeting realism. She explores her mind, spirit and imagination to germinate imagery. Thus free from representational convention Shan Re’s process and philosophy make her works ‘timeless’ – independent of time and space.

Shan says... 


“Listening to the quite voice within me...

Exploring infinite dimensions within myself...

Standing on the thresh hold of new experience...

I have been painting 

The Canvas of my life...

Drop by drop...word by word..

To unwrap my own destiny...

Passion flows through me 

Like a stream of colour

In the flames of passion

I create breathtakingly 

Beautiful masterpieces 

From the deep sea of mystery

Somewhere between 

Memories and fantasies 

Between echoes of silence 

and  hope... I am intoxicated 

and addicted to the power creativity...

My inner fire is what keeps me going"

- Shan Re





- Maharajah Srikantadatta Wadiyar, Royal House of Mysore

-  Ritz Carlton hotel, Bangalore
- Embassy Boulevard, Bangalore
- Shangri-la Hotel, Bangalore

- Brigade Tech Park, Bangalore

- Woodrose Club, Bangalore

- ITC Infotech, Bangalore

- RMZ EcoSpace, Bangalore

- Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Bangalore

- Bhoruka Power Corporation, Bangalore

- ING Vysya Bank, Bangalore

- Salarpuria Hallmark, Bangalore & in other private collections in Amsterdam, Norway, Berlin,
New York, Singapore, Nice, Texas, London, Kuala Lampur, San Francisco and so on.




2021 - Enchanted India, BG Gallery with Galerie D'arts, Los Angeles
2021 - Terrain Biennale, a public art initiative by Chicago based Terrain Exhibitions
2021 - Discover the undiscovered, American Club with Mayinart gallery, Singapore
2020 – If walls could speak, ION art gallery with Mayinart gallery, Singapore
2020 - OnArt Fair, Mojarto, Online
2020-  Inside the box is the outside the box, Gallery D'arts, Santa Monica

2020 – Women’s Day show at Reeves art gallery, Bangalore
2020 - Studio3 show at India Art Festival, Mumbai
2020 - Kala for vidya, Rotary Club annual show, Taj west end, Bangalore

2019- An Autism Art Fundraising Gala and Auction, UB City Bangalore 
2019 – Charity auction at French Consulate, Bangalore

2019 – Fundraiser auction, Art Mantram Gala, Bangalore

2019- EUNOIA, Taj West End, Bangalore 

2019 - Women’s Cultural Festival at BIC Bangalore

2019- Gesalt, BG Gallery, Los Angeles

2019- Art Expo, New York

2018 - Collaboration with Aranyani for New York Fashion Week, New York
2018 -Kala for vidya , Rotary Club annual show, Taj west end, Bangalore

2018- Heart to Art, Under the Raintree media, Project EVE, Bangalore

2018 - Triptych, Group show , Goa.

2017- Women’s Art festival, Ravindra Kalashetra, Bangalore

2017 - Kala for Vidya, Rotary club annual show, Taj Westend, Bangalore

2017 -  Arts Village, Two Women show on the occasion of International women's day
2016 – Small and beautiful, Art Houz, Bangalore
2016 – Heterogenous curated by Art Chutney, Taj Westend, Bangalore
2016 – India Art and Gems Fair, Leela palace hotel, Bangalore

2016 - Kala for Vidya, charity art show by Rotary club, Taj Westend hotel, Bangalore

2016 – Whitefield Art Collective, VR Bengaluru

2015 – Anahata 1 – Art Mantram show at Navrathan, Bangalore

2015 - Anahata 2 – Art Mantram show at Navrathan, Bangalore

2015 – Portals of Perception, Taj Westend Hotel, Bangalore
2015 – Reflections, Annual group show by Maadhyam at Amethyst, Chennai
2015 – LshVa inaugural art show, LshVa studio, Bangalore
2014 – Annual art show, Vinyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai

2014 – Kala for Vidya, charity art show by Rotary club, TajWestend hotel, Bangalore

2014 – Eclectic Exploration, Kalarasa Art House, Bangalore

2014 – Women Artists show, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

2013 – Award winners show (won best landscape award), ICAC foundation, Mumbai

2013 – Open Studio Sale, Studio Revola, Bangalore

2012 – Art show in support of Times Foundation, Galeriede’arts, Bangalore

2011 – Art Bengaluru, UB City, Bangalore

2011 – Third Eye Art Gallery showcase at Caperberry, Bangalore

2010 – Mont Blanc Art Showcase, ITC Royal Gardenia, Bangalore

2010 – “Friends of Renaissance Gallerie”, Windsor Manor, Bangalore

2010 – Art Bengaluru, Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore

2009 – Phantasmagoria, Midsummer Melange, LeelaPalace Hotel, Bangalore

2009 – Renaissance Gallerie’s Annual Charity Show, Leela Palace Hotel, Bangalore

2008 – Gallery Exotica’s Inaugural Show in support of Charity, Bangalore

2008 – Group show organized by C. Krishnaiah Chetty, Hotel Ashok, Bangalore

2008 – Concern India Art Show, Bangalore

2007 – Auction for Mallige Smile Foundation, LeelaPalace, Bangalore




2021 - Poetry in Gold, Sublime Galleria, UB City, Bangalore
2019 – Exhumed Memories, Art Houz, Bangalore 
2017 - Window to Himalayas- Arts village.

2016 – Echoes & Whispers, Art Houz Gallery, Bangalore
2015 – The Might of a Line; exhibition of free association drawings, Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore

2015 – SHE – International Women’s day special – contemporary women’s voices, Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore

2014 - Solo show at Ritz Carlton, Bangalore 
2014 – Solo show at Cocoon gallery, Bangalore

2011 – “Unfolding of Self”, 10 year retrospective, Galeriede’Arts, Bangalore

2011 – “Eternal Spring”, Arco Iris, Goa

2010 – Live Painting at Peroni Art Initiative, Olive Beach, Bangalore

2010 – “The Eternal Spring”, Private show at AgarwalResidence, New Delhi

2009 – Inaugural show of Galerie de’Arts, Bangalore

2009 – Private Show at Franck Barthelemy’s residence, Bangalore

2009 – “The Eternal Spring”, Global Tree Café – curated by “Art Buddy”, Bangalore

2008 – “Iconography”, Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore

2008 – “Sepia Moments”, Olive Art Initiative, Bangalore

2007  - "Echoes & Whispers" (Drawings & Paintings), Alliance Francaise de Bangalore